Program Information

In this personal, honest and funny (yes, DeeDee is funny in spite of or because of her experiences) discussion, students will understand how easily they or someone they know could wind up in a potentially fatal relationship. When you bring DeeDee to speak to your students, they will learn:

* How to tell the difference between love and obsession

* What defines a healthy vs. an unhealthy relationship

* The cycle of domestic violence and why it continues in silence

* If it’s not physical, can it be domestic violence?

* 9 signs that students need to look for to identify if they or someone they know has been “hit by love.”

* How to effectively and safely leave an unhealthy relationship


  1. Can DeeDee's program be tailored to my group?  Absolutely! From students to educators to parents to law enforcement and beyond, DeeDee has a unique way of sharing her story in a way your group will know the message was made for them.
  2. How long is the program? DeeDee can adjust the time of her program depending on your needs. We do request at least 40-45 minutes for the program but we would love to share more if time allows.
  3. Are there other programs DeeDee can do? Yes! While "Have You Been Hit by Love?" is our signature assembly, there are numerous other topics that stem from DeeDee's experience. Some of those ideas include but aren't limited to healthy self-esteem, overcoming trauma, learning to trust others after a betrayal, etc. Just contact us and let's discuss your needs.
  4. Do you have any ideas for funding? Here a just a couple of groups that have helped bring "Have You Been Hit by Love?" to their communities: Student Services, Title IX, Women's Centers, Panhellenic Councils and many more. Everyone wants their students and staff educated on this deadly epidemic so numerous organizations step up to help!